Allen Morris

The debut album "Fly By Wire" out now


With a sound that combines acoustic folk-rock songwriting of the early 70's with indie and alternative sounds and textures, "singer-songwriter" would only address Allen Morris on the surface. His influences are as diverse as Neil Young to The Cure, Allen Morris runs a gamut of songwriting styles throughout his energetic and engaging performances both live and on record: Alpha Particles (2016), and Fly By Wire (2017).


“I believe music came before spoken language as a way to emulate the sounds and describe the world around us; I believe it to be integral to the human condition,” said Morris in a May 2017 interview with To illuminate and allude to the many facets of emotion and experience is the corner stone of the music that Allen Morris creates.

Born into an artistic family, Morris began his music career at a young age. At age seven playing piano, age nine playing the cello, age twelve playing the bass, but it wasn’t until high school, at age fourteen when he found his instrument, the guitar. “I started on this old, beaten-up 1955 Kay Archtop… it had this unique sound that lent itself to a certain kind of playing.” That certain kind of playing is evident in all of Morris’s recorded output, melodic and arpeggiated riffs intertwined with complex chord voicing. Despite showing much promise as a musician, Allen would not directly go into a professional music career.

Upon entering college Allen first opted to study electrical engineering due to his fascination with guitar amplifiers, but then eventually settled into audio recording and engineering, two choices which would profoundly affect his life. He began AM Sound Recording in 2011, an independent recording and production service that would record a multitude of songwriters, musicians, and bands in his native Orange County, California. His experience as a recording engineer and producer led to his first foray into releasing his own original music through a project named “Alpha Particles.” Alpha Particles (2016) was a compact 28 minute concept album with a unified theme of isolation, regret, and communication deficiency under the haze of heavily distorted guitar, with Morris taking all instrument duties.

During summer 2016, he secured a four month long weekly music residency playing at The Pint House in Fullerton, California where Allen would formulate a cleaner "back to basics" acoustic guitar driven sound that he would eventually feature on his debut full length album.

Fly By Wire, Allen Morris’s debut full length album is an anthology of over 10 years of experience as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist; featuring Allen on all instruments and even as recording engineer and producer. It's an emotional and soul-searching journey of growing older, leaving things behind, and finding acceptance and peace. Fly By Wire was released March 2017 via streaming and download services. In support of the record, Allen embarked on two road tours of the western United States. He is currently writing and recording new material to be released in 2019.

Allen Morris, April 2017. Fremont Park, Sacramento CA. Photographer: Jewel Remeta.

Allen Morris, April 2017. Fremont Park, Sacramento CA. Photographer: Jewel Remeta.