Allen Morris

The debut album "Fly By Wire" out now

Hey! Where have you been?

I’ve actually been here all along! Most of 2018 I spent working as a recording engineer, producer, and for hire guitarist. I’ve also restarted a project I hold near and dear to my heart, Alpha Particles! It’s been a very rewarding year, challenging most definitely, but I’ve learned a lot. I am more humble, kinder, and most importantly, more thankful. Thank you for all of you who continue to support me and listen to my music. Nothing is more special and satisfying than hearing how music touches your heart and helps you heal, and also seeing your smiling faces at the shows. Love you all. As this year comes to a close, please remember to be kind to one another, and keep being that positive light to the world. Thank you!

Motives for making music.

As artists we are sometimes (and some of us frequently) asked what are out motives for making music. Most of us are motivated to create because that is the essence of what we do as musicians; to actuate a sound making device of some kind, i.e. the human voice, and give life to something that wasn't there before. Our thoughts are constructs of our minds, the wonderful and mysterious combination of chemistry and electricity to the likes we may never understand; when we create music we make symbols for those thoughts, in the language of speech, in the language of pitch, in the language of rhythm, in the language of music.

As artists we are sometimes asked, "why do you create [insert artistic element here]? Sometime we want to express emotions, a socially conscious message; to tell a story, fact, fiction or an amalgam of something in between. Whatever the motive, I think music is created to express the infinite facets of the human condition, and in doing so, to aim to bring people together, at times from disparate walks of life, across age, across location, and even across time.

To ask why we (musicians) make music may be a question merely of rhetoric; creation of music is the essence of what musicians do. If we didn't, we wouldn't be called musicians would we? So I'll rephrase a different question: What was the first motivating thought you had when you realized that you were a musician?

Show added in SoCal!

It's been a while since I've played a show in Southern California; it's been since April 4th as a matter of fact! It's been a whirlwind of a year, with a new record and two west coast tours, so I think it's time. August 4th at Bogart's Coffee in Seal Beach, a place just around the corner from my home. It's going to be a fun show with guest performers, and being that it's only a few days before my birthday, we'll just go ahead and call this my birthday show. Deal? :)

Summer is here, Up To No Good Tour done, and the wild blue horizon!

Happy Summer, Northern Hemisphere!

The Up To No Good Tour with Courtney Chambers has concluded on a warm summer afternoon playing OC Pride in Santa Ana, CA, such a change from the crisp mid 50's Fahrenheit experienced in Southern Oregon a mere 2 weeks ago. Though the tour had its own share of difficulties (such as a cancelled show in San Luis Obispo, CA) it went rather smoothly, meeting new people and playing new cities in new venues. Much better weather this time around in comparison to my North From Here Tour earlier this year. 

Courtney and I did video updates (VLOG) almost every day of the tour which lent a feeling of closeness to our fans/audiences, and also was very revealing on how goofy and awkward we are on camera. Good times!

Now that the tour is over, I will be involved in several projects over the summer. First of which is composing music for a documentary produced and directed by my long time friend and collaborator Tom Fleming (Big Flem Productions/Dark Sunny Entertainment). I will also be playing bass for Manuel The Band for a few shows this summer, including OC Fair on July 14. During my downtime, I hope to start pre-production work on some... okay I don't want to give it away, but I think you get the picture!

I wanted to end this by saying thank you to all that supported me and my friend Courtney Chambers on our recent tour. The new friends, fans, and old friends and diehards are why we do what we do. Thank you for doing what you do and being yourself! Thanks again!

New Shows Added!

Gearing up for the upcoming Up To No Good Tour with Courtney Chambers has been exciting! Two shows have been added to the tour; one opening up the tour kickoff show in Palm Desert, CA on June 8th, and another at Clam Beach Tavern in McKinleyville, CA on June 16th. The summer is getting heated up, so cool down with a frosty beverage and some Fly By Wire in a town near you!

Album Review by Jamie Funk, Divide and Conquer Music

First review of "Fly By Wire" is in from Divide and Conquer Music Blog.

Reviewer Jamie Funk writes:

"The songwriting is consistently good and the recording quality is top notch. Suffice it to say it’s an enjoyable album and wasn't one you had to work for. The first time I heard it I knew I would enjoy it."

Read the full review here:


Fly By Wire DAC Review.jpg


It wasn't too long ago, April of this year, that I embarked on my first tour. The North From Here Tour was a 16 day sojourn from my home in Southern California all the way to Seattle, Washington. Wind, rain, hail, and snow, marked by wonderful shows and wonderful people, and a great learning experience. After a few weeks respite, I'm about to take off on another journey, this time in support of Courtney Chambers. We both are releasing new albums this year and what a great time to go to PNW all over again. I'm pleased to announce the Up To No Good Tour featuring Courtney Chambers and yours truly.