Allen Morris

The debut album "Fly By Wire" out now

Summer is here, Up To No Good Tour done, and the wild blue horizon!

Happy Summer, Northern Hemisphere!

The Up To No Good Tour with Courtney Chambers has concluded on a warm summer afternoon playing OC Pride in Santa Ana, CA, such a change from the crisp mid 50's Fahrenheit experienced in Southern Oregon a mere 2 weeks ago. Though the tour had its own share of difficulties (such as a cancelled show in San Luis Obispo, CA) it went rather smoothly, meeting new people and playing new cities in new venues. Much better weather this time around in comparison to my North From Here Tour earlier this year. 

Courtney and I did video updates (VLOG) almost every day of the tour which lent a feeling of closeness to our fans/audiences, and also was very revealing on how goofy and awkward we are on camera. Good times!

Now that the tour is over, I will be involved in several projects over the summer. First of which is composing music for a documentary produced and directed by my long time friend and collaborator Tom Fleming (Big Flem Productions/Dark Sunny Entertainment). I will also be playing bass for Manuel The Band for a few shows this summer, including OC Fair on July 14. During my downtime, I hope to start pre-production work on some... okay I don't want to give it away, but I think you get the picture!

I wanted to end this by saying thank you to all that supported me and my friend Courtney Chambers on our recent tour. The new friends, fans, and old friends and diehards are why we do what we do. Thank you for doing what you do and being yourself! Thanks again!