Allen Morris

The debut album "Fly By Wire" out now

Motives for making music.

As artists we are sometimes (and some of us frequently) asked what are out motives for making music. Most of us are motivated to create because that is the essence of what we do as musicians; to actuate a sound making device of some kind, i.e. the human voice, and give life to something that wasn't there before. Our thoughts are constructs of our minds, the wonderful and mysterious combination of chemistry and electricity to the likes we may never understand; when we create music we make symbols for those thoughts, in the language of speech, in the language of pitch, in the language of rhythm, in the language of music.

As artists we are sometimes asked, "why do you create [insert artistic element here]? Sometime we want to express emotions, a socially conscious message; to tell a story, fact, fiction or an amalgam of something in between. Whatever the motive, I think music is created to express the infinite facets of the human condition, and in doing so, to aim to bring people together, at times from disparate walks of life, across age, across location, and even across time.

To ask why we (musicians) make music may be a question merely of rhetoric; creation of music is the essence of what musicians do. If we didn't, we wouldn't be called musicians would we? So I'll rephrase a different question: What was the first motivating thought you had when you realized that you were a musician?